A Conversation with TaliSeen Jahring & Jon Corbisez of Mystic Farms

Had the opportunity to visit with TaliSeen and Jon.

Here are the questions we talked about…

Why should i plant seeds instead of clones?

What type of soil amendments do I need ? What Ph should I be shooting for?

Why do some varieties do better in the lower latitude vs the northern states?

How many plants per acre should I grow?

What is the best harvest technique?

What does total Thc mean and how will it effect how my plant is tested in the field?

What is the difference between autoflower and photoperiod?

What is the CBD: THC ratio and why is it important?

What are some of the pest issues I might see in the field?

What are minor cannabinoids?

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    1. Bill, those two young men are studs – period. I feel the industry is in very good hands as we start to move forward with this quality of experts. I’ll be chopping the interview into segments so that we can share the nuggets. Thanks for helping set this up.